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Meshwork, LLC.

Installing an anthropologist's perspective to your mindset

Our company was founded by two anthropologists whose mission is to “install an anthropologist's perspective to your mindset”. We offer a variety of accompaniment services for organizations seeking change and individuals with intellectual curiosity.
We deploy a subjective approach called "participant observation" to understand our research subjects. Accepting different values and facing the unexpected requires struggle and self-transformation.
This approach is differs greatly from the objectivity-oriented research methods generally used in the business world.
We offer mid- to long-term support for "gaining a new way of seeing things" that can not be acquired through conventional business methods. We provide a way of thinking that enables clients break from the status quo by sharing anthropological wisdom and experience through fieldwork-based programs.


HIGA, Natsuko (Co-founder / Anthroplogist)

Anthropologist. Ph.D. in Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University. Co-founder of Meshwork, LLC. Advisor to Hub Tokyo Co. She conducts ongoing fieldwork on the economic practices and daily interactions of Polynesian island societies, and participates in various research and collaborative projects for companies and other organizations. She is the author of "The Anthropology of Giving and Behavior: The Economic Practices of the Kingdom of Tonga" (sole author, Kyoto University Press) and "Steady Efforts toward User-Centered Innovation: Freeing Ourselves from the Efficiency Mindset" (co-author, Nakanishiya Publishing Co., Ltd.). By incorporating anthropological research methods and cognitive processes into diverse fields, he seeks more detailed ways of understanding others and practically aims to realize a society that is open to many people.

MIZUKAMI, Yu (Co-founder / Anthropologist)

Anthropologist. Master's degree in Human and Environmental Studies (Cultural Anthropology) , Kyoto University. Co-founder of Meshwork, LLC. He studied cultural anthropology at International Christian University and Kyoto University. His master's thesis was "Techniques of Blacksmiths in Southwest Ethiopia”. After working for an IT software company, he worked for a user experience (UX) consulting firm, where he was involved in UX planning for Japanese companies. He has also conducted research and translated academic materials for "Water, Wood, and Wild Things" (Hannah Kirshner) in Japanese and English. He researches and develops ways to combine anthropological methods and perspectives with industrial or commercial activities such as UX research.

TSUCHIYA, Shino (Co-founder)

Hub Tokyo Co., Ltd. Co-founder & CEO. She worked for international NGOs and think-tanks and built an expertise in socially responsible investing, international public-private partnerships and R&D projects in developing countries and Europe.
Campany NameMeshwork, LLC.
Address1F Insatsu-kojo, 2-11-3 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 1530063, Japan
Date of Foundation2022 April
Our BusinessAdvisory services based on academic knowledge (Anthropology) Consulting services Planning and operation of courses, events, and workshops Activities related to collaboration between researchers and companies/municipalities Surveys and research based on academic knowledge Editing and writing of publications


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